Range Maxx collector LINE-4 with mechanic dump installation

Range Maxx® line collectors have some great advantages.

– The light weight construction saves the grass on your driving range.
– It can be pushed by a light vehicle.
– It picks up all the balls, even when you make a turn.

Available for flat surfaces only:

if your range is too undulated, we recommend application of a Range Maxx® v-collector.

=> galvanised steel frame
=> 2 front wheels un line offer great stability
=> width: 400 cm; => can be extended later up to 6 collecting units
=> capacity: approx. 650 balls per picking unit; (2.600 balls in total)
=> weight: only approx. 130 kg; => discs: polycarbonate ‘unbreakable’ material
=> baskets: made of galvanised steel, choose single or double

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