Teegrass 30 DT with additional soft backing

Teegrass 30DT lasts very long because of 100% NYLON pile material! The additional backing makes the product thicker and gives it even more flexibility.

Moreover, thanks to the backing it is possible to make tee holes for rubber tees Today, there are perfect alternatives for grass tees. The present generation teegrass is the best compromise between steady standing and soft hitting:

=> easy to install (non-filled material);
=> easy to maintain; => use normal tees;
=> feels like a normal tee (or even better);

Product properties:
=> roll width: 4 metres or 2 metres (width can vary ± 10%)
=> material: 100 procent nylon fibres
=> two different colors for natural looks (DuoTone);
=> pile height: 3 cm Application possibilities:
=> tee lines on driving ranges
=> tee lines on pitching ranges
=> driving range mats
=> tee boxes
=> winter tee mats

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