Driving Range Bays & Dividers

Our Range Bay constructions can be a permanent, movable or portable solution.
Range bays are available as a fixed concrete mounted option or fully portable driving range complete with wheels and speciality anchors. Range Shield fabric lets natural light shine through, providing an exceptionally bright, pleasant interior atmosphere.
Driving Range Bays
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With Range Shield Dividers
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Full Install Service
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Provide Year-Round Cover
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Using heavy duty galvanised steel
Designed to withstand all weather
Guaranteed and built to last


Scruff resistant, high tear strength
UV protection (allow natural light through)
Guaranteed and built to last


We install dividers into the bay
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Provides income vs cost of bays

The movable Range bay shelter allows your players the advantage of knowing they can always practice on natural grass in a shaded/protected environment.

Golf Range Bay Celbridge

Our Range Bay features Range Shield – a high quality fabric construction.

Range Shield fabric lets natural light shine through, providing an exceptionally bright, pleasant interior atmosphere. The fabric does not allow harmful UV rays to penetrate, is waterproof and is incredibly resistant to rips and tears. Range Shield also reduces the conduction of head and cold ensuring a structure that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Our Range bay also features RangeSteel – a premium galvanised steel framework, which outperforms competitive products in rust resistance and corrosion three to one. The unit is a year round structure that can remain standing in any and all weather conditions.

Bay Dimensions

The structure is available in 360 cm wide bays, anywhere from a minimum of one bays up to 10 in one construction. Width from front to back is 520 cm, providing plenty of room for a stand behind video lesson and is 330 cm in height.

This product is available in a variety of options. The unit can be mounted on concrete or most importantly, it can be a mobile structure on wheels. This versatility makes our Range bay extremely viable at any practice facility.

RangeBay on wheels can be moved in 10-15 minutes by one person to a new area on the range to allow natural grass to regenerate. Alternatively, it can be a permanent or portable structure onto an engineered base, and then used with mats. 

Range Bay Dividers

It Can Also Save You Money

Feedback from customers is that in most cases our Range bay is less than 10% of the cost of most permanent shelters. That's why we call it a functional, affordable first class solution.

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