Quiccup large 15 inch – green

Quiccup® has several advantages for golfers and golf courses allowing ALL GOLFERS to enjoy the game: => increases pace of play=> better average score => attracts beginners and juniors=> for special events => less stress makes golf more fun => in conjunction with a regulation cup so an experienced golfer can play with someone new to the game => in conjunction with a regulation cup as a replacement for the large dimension winter cups => new games like Quiccup carambole and Quiccup/smallcup Product properties: => 38 cm (15″) ring with tumbling flaps => light weight (easy to put in place)=> durable materials => no installation needed=> saves greens => saves maintenance time=> enlarges course capacity Also available in yellow or red! For more extended information, see www.Quiccup.com Ask sales@RangeKing.eu for discount staffle

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