Dispenser Range Maxx Small (5000 balls)

The Range Maxx® small dispenser is our low-budget model for small ranges. The dimensions have been calculated so that the dispenser will pass any door opening. It does have the sturdy zinc-plated metal exterior and it uses the unique and reliable Range Maxx® dispensing mechanism. In order to keep it simple and stupid, we left out all the extras of the Range Maxx® highline dispensers (all the other models apart from the small). Choose from a variety of payment systems to operate this machine. Multiple systems can be combined to optimize the usability. Storage capacity: 5.000 balls (extra storage capacity optional available!) Dimensions: 130 cm high x 125 cm deep x 65 cm wide (depth is excluding the ball outlet) Dispensing options: 6, 8, 10 or 12 balls per cycle; 1 – 4 cycles per payment Cycle duration: ± 2-3 seconds

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