Bunker rake Tour Smooth II 38 cm Green 12 pcs/carton

“Handle: 152 cm x 2,2 cm brown Gator Grip

The Tour Smooth II bunker rake is the upgraded version of the popular Tour Smooth bunker rake. The connection between head and handle has been improved and the new Gator Grip handles make the Tour Smooth a must for all golf courses.

Time-tested design and performance of the Tour Smooth bunker rake just got an upgrade. Improved rake assembly and the addition of the exclusive Gator Grip Handle makes the Tour Smooth II a must for all courses.
Smoothes both fine and course sand into perfect playing conditions quickly and easily.
Pair the Tour Smooth II with the exclusive 152 cm Gator Grip Handle for a level of performance unmatched by any of the competitors.
A single self-tapping screw (included) is all you need for assembly.”

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